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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that is not listed here? Email it to us at: healthreporting@journalismgrants.org

Have a question that is not listed here?

Why are these FAQs in English?

The EJC is an international non-profit foundation based in the Netherlands. We conduct all our work in English. In addition we hope that with an English FAQ page we can provide answers for a larger audience than with a FAQ page in German.

  • Can I attach supplemental materials to my application?

    No. At this stage please only send us your story pitch, budget, timeline, and signed letter(s) of intent.

  • I’m not sure whether my story pitch qualifies for this grant. Can I call you to discuss this?

    No, story pitches will not be discussed over the phone. All inquiries should be sent by email.

  • May I send an application directly by email?

    No. Only applications received via the online application form will be considered.

  • What is the maximum amount of the stipend that can be used for freelance fees?

    Freelance fees should be in proportion to the amount of journalistic work produced.

  • Should the names and stipend of freelance (photo)journalists I would like to work with be included in the grant application?

    Yes, all the names and relevant information of freelancers have to be included.

  • Can I submit more than one story pitch?

    Yes, you can submit more than one pitch.

  • Do I need to submit my story pitch in English?

    Yes. Due to the expected high number of submissions, we can only accept applications submitted in English. However, please note that the story pitches will not be judged on the quality of your English and this will not in any way influence the decisions regarding the awarded grants. CVs may be submitted in German. Please note: We request original reporting in German and for German outlets.

  • What are story clusters?

    Story clusters are any number of journalistic items that cover a topic from various angles and apply a broad range of journalistic styles. The grant programme encourages a production of multiple stories for one or multiple outlets.

Have a question that is not listed here?

  • I am neither based in Germany, nor am I national citizen of Germany. Can I apply?

    There are no citizenship or nationality requirements. As long as you can produce original reporting in German and as long as the media you will report for is a relevant media organisation in Germany and/or has a relevant reach in Germany, you may submit a story proposal.

  • I have already published a series of health related stories. Can I receive a grant?

    No. This grant does not give awards to already published stories. The grant programme provides funds to enable journalists and media organisations to cover health and health policy related issues and not to receive money for already published work.

  • Does the grant fund creation and maintaining of websites that will cover health and development topics?

    No. The stipend can not be used for creating websites. Our focus is on the production of a series of journalistic items on health and health related issues.

  • I want to write a book. Can I apply for funding?

    We don’t rule out funding for books per se; however, what we’re looking for is more journalistic and more near-term than the average book. Funding a long-term project that is not likely to have an impact in the news media anytime soon is not within the interest range of this grant. Even if a book were to be funded, the applicant needs to ensure that the material would still be published in relevant media outlets, making it available to the general audience.

  • I want to write an academic research. Am I eligible?

    Yes, if your research is innovative and is designed to reach a large audience in Germany.

  • I want to make a documentary. Am I eligible?


  • I work for an NGO and I want to support health and development work. Can I get funding?


  • Does this grant fund cultural activities?


  • I don’t have a signed letter of intent. Can I still submit a story pitch?

    Unfortunately not. A letter of intent is required in order to meet reasonable expectations that your story will be published in a relevant German media outlet.

  • Can I apply as a permanent staff of a media outlet?

    No, this stipend is aimed at freelancers and teams of journalists.

  • Can a media outlet apply for this grant?

    No, this grant is aimed at individuals or teams of journalists.

  • Can journalism students apply?

    No. We are looking for experienced working journalists.

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  • Do you accept co-funding?

    Yes. However, it needs to be guaranteed that your reporting remains independent and that your co-funder does not attempt to exert any editorial influence. Please contact the EJC before you enter into a co-funding agreement.

  • What about taxes?

    All stipends or reimbursements paid by the EJC are subject to the tax rules of your country of residence.

  • Will funding be given to the journalist or the media organisation?

    Since this programme is based on a stipend scheme, we can only allocate money to individuals or teams of journalists.

  • How will the stipend money be distributed?

    The stipend money will be distributed in three installments. The first half of the approved grants will be paid to successful applicants upon signature of the grant agreement. The remaining half will be disbursed in two additional installments throughout the project implementation upon evidence of publication of a finished project in agreement with the original proposal. The additional installments are not guaranteed if projects are not completed in due time or if the projects are published in a different form or in a different outlet than originally proposed.

  • Will successful applicants be reimbursed for travel expenses?

    Travel within Germany needs to be covered from the allocated stipend and will not be additionally reimbursed. Grantees can however request additional flexible on­-demand budget for travel expenses outside Germany (outside a cross-border radius of 100 Kilometers) and technical support as needed and justified from a journalistic perspective. Participants can request expense money not as a lump sum in advance, but according to their emerging needs during the working process. Any travel expenses need to be discussed with the EJC beforehand and will have to be approved on a case-by-case basis.

  • If I partner with a European media organisation that publishes in a language other than German, can part of the award be used to cover translation?

    Yes. Efforts to adapt the German content to the other language(s), culture(s), or circumstances are encouraged. Please note that translations will only be considered from German into other languages and that this grant supports first of all original German reporting. Additional translation costs can be requested if you can provide confirmation of intent to publish from a non-German media outlet. Any such expenses need to be discussed with the EJC beforehand and will have to be approved on a case-by-case basis. These costs will have to be documented with an invoice.

Have a question that is not listed here?

  • How will the decisions be communicated?

    All decisions will be communicated by email.

  • When are applicants notified of decisions regarding their applications?

    Following the deadline, all applicants will be informed on the outcome of their proposals within four weeks.

  • Do you have any additional tips for a good application?

    Be concise and follow the guidelines specified on the website and the requirements outlined in the online application form.

  • How can I be sure that my story pitch has been received?

    All applicants will receive a confirmation email reading: “Thank you for pitching us your story idea. Following the application deadline, each applicant will be notified within four weeks by email of the final decision.” If you haven’t received a confirmation email, please send an email to healthreporting@journalismgrants.org.